Quick Cleaning Tips

-Did you know that a great tool for removing black shoe scuff marks from your floor is a tennis ball? You can cut a slit in the ball and put it on the end of a broom stick so you don’t have to bend over. It removes marks without scuffing the finished surface.

-Did you know that you can clean and sanitize a sponge by rinsing it in water, wringing it out, and putting it in the microwave for 2 minutes?

-“Work Down” While there are a variety of techniques that can be used by office cleaners to maintain a tidy environment, many professionals recommend the “work down” technique. In this process, home or office cleaners start by cleaning objects that are elevated, such as wall-hangings, pictures, windows, mantle places, and bookshelves, and slowly working down towards the carpet or floor. By using this technique, home or office cleaners can ensure that once an area has been cleaned it will not be exposed to more dirt or debris.

-Did you know you can use a window squeegee to clean pet hair off of your carpet? You simply run the squeegee across your carpet and the pet hair will come up like magic!

-Brooms for indoors use, choose one with finer bristles to pick up smaller dirt particles. Brooms for outdoors use, go for stiffer bristles, which work better to clear porous surfaces.

-To clean out your plastic trash cans take them outside and hose them out then leave them upside down to dry. When dry sprinkle the bottoms with baking soda to keep your trash cans free from odor.


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