Strip and Wax Procedures


  1. Preparation of area: Prepare area by clearing furniture and sweeping. Inspect all tiles using a scrapper or putty knife to remove all gum, tape, or other foreign matter. Bring in your equipment: (i.e.: 175 rpm polisher, various mops for stripping solution, scrubbing, and waxing, scrapper, squeegee, wet/dry vacuum with squeegee attachment, black pads for stripping, and a Doodlebug for getting into corners and hard to reach areas).
  1. Stripping Procedure: Mix stripper as instructed on the container. It is best to read all precautions. Usual mixture is one part stripper to four parts hot water. Do approximately at 10’ x 10’ area at a time. Apply stripper by soaking your mop in the stripper solution and dragging it out of the bucket to the floor, flooding the section with the solution. Allow about five minutes for the stripper to begin emulsifying the floor finish before running the polisher with the black strip pad attached on the area. While you are waiting, use your Doodlebug and scrapper on all edges and corners. When you feel that area is totally stripped, pick up the solution on the floor with a wet/dry vacuum and rinse with a neutral cleaner (separate solution), then move on to the next section, repeating the above procedure. When you have finished all areas and inspected for total removal of finish, rinse the entire area at least twice with a clean solution of neutral cleaner and cold water. When the floor is entirely dry, you should be ready to apply your finish.
  1. About Wax: Finish can be easily contaminated if put in a dirty bucket. Clean your bucket first, and use a trash liner inside the bucket to eliminate any chance of contamination. There are many styles of wax mop heads. They are to be used for waxing ONLY. Never use a contaminated scrub mop to wax with. I suggest a rayon mop head for waxing. When finished, clean and dry it and put it away for your next wax job. With your clean bucket, lined with a trash liner, place your mop in the bucket and pour the wax on top of the mop head. A gallon of good wax will normally do approximately 2,400 square feet of floor. Since wax is expensive and cannot be poured back into the bucket, don’t pour more wax than you need. To get the appearance you want on a newly stripped floor normally required three coats, allowing adequate time between coats (approximately a half hour to forty-five minutes if the humidity is high).
  1. Wax Application Procedure: Being careful not to splash wax on baseboards, furniture, doors, etc. Keep your bucket of wax with you. As you come out of the wringer with the wax mop, go directly to the floor (this eliminates dripping). Line the area with wax that you intend to finish. Then with a figure 8 motion, work through the lined area. The normal 24oz. Rayon mop head holds about a quart of finish. Go back to the bucket as often as required to keep the coats of wax at the same thickness. Allow adequate time for the wax to dry and cure before adding the next coat. This is usually 30 to 45 minutes.

Introducing” No.1 Magic” – Our Exclusive New Line of Cleaning Products


No.1 Magic, our newest cleaning chemical line, will indeed meet and exceed your expectations. It has been chosen by us for it’s quality, and is manufactured in the USA especially for American Sanitary Supply.

No.1 Magic, IT WORKS LIKE MAGIC, and is named in memory of our founder Ric Thompson. His nick name became “Magic” in our repair department because he could get a piece of equipment running just like Magic.
With the loss of Ric in 2011, we thought it was appropriate to name our new line of products in his memory.

We are confident that you will see the “Magic” in these new products. We will keep you informed as we add to this product line.

As of May 2015 we have in stock twelve products:

Magi Bowl 9 – 9% acid bowl cleaner
Magi Bowl 23 – bowl cleaner
D.B.C – non-acid disinfecting bathroom cleaner
Extra – neutral disinfectant cleaner
Best Ever – citrus scented all-purpose neutral cleaner
Completely Magic – 18% floor finish
Neutra Green Clean – neutral PH degreaser
The Extractor – carpet extraction concentrate
No Streak – glass and multi surface cleaner
Pine Fresh – disinfectant cleaner
Strips Like Magic – heavy duty floor stripper
True Blue – non-butyl heavy duty cleaner


Quick Cleaning Tips

-Did you know that a great tool for removing black shoe scuff marks from your floor is a tennis ball? You can cut a slit in the ball and put it on the end of a broom stick so you don’t have to bend over. It removes marks without scuffing the finished surface.

-Did you know that you can clean and sanitize a sponge by rinsing it in water, wringing it out, and putting it in the microwave for 2 minutes?

-“Work Down” While there are a variety of techniques that can be used by office cleaners to maintain a tidy environment, many professionals recommend the “work down” technique. In this process, home or office cleaners start by cleaning objects that are elevated, such as wall-hangings, pictures, windows, mantle places, and bookshelves, and slowly working down towards the carpet or floor. By using this technique, home or office cleaners can ensure that once an area has been cleaned it will not be exposed to more dirt or debris.

-Did you know you can use a window squeegee to clean pet hair off of your carpet? You simply run the squeegee across your carpet and the pet hair will come up like magic!

-Brooms for indoors use, choose one with finer bristles to pick up smaller dirt particles. Brooms for outdoors use, go for stiffer bristles, which work better to clear porous surfaces.

-To clean out your plastic trash cans take them outside and hose them out then leave them upside down to dry. When dry sprinkle the bottoms with baking soda to keep your trash cans free from odor.