Carpet cleaners are great machines that allow you to get your carpets cleaned quickly and easily. That being said, they are machines and have problems from time to time. Knowing what sort of problems to look for and a basic run down of how to fix them can help you keep your carpet cleaner running smoothly at all times.

Carpet Extractor Repair: 6 Common Problems with Troubleshooting Solutions

One of the first and most common issues you will encounter with a carpet cleaner is power source issues. If your carpet cleaner is not turning on you may have a dead battery if it is a battery-operated unit, or you may not have it plugged into a reliable power source or any power source at all. Check your plug and your battery to see if the machine is getting enough power.

If your carpet cleaner turns off while you are using it, you may be dealing with a carpet cleaner that is tripping the circuit or that is not suited to put out as much power as your carpet cleaner needs to function. If that is the case you may need to see if the issue is with the circuit breaker on the outlet or if there is an issue with the machine itself.

Next, you may notice that your brush does not spin properly or is not spinning at all. If that is happening, you are likely dealing with a damaged belt or a brush with too much debris on it or around it. You should start by taking your brush out and cleaning it; if it is clean and still not working, check the belt.

If you have a machine that is not picking up the water that it puts down, you may have a full tank or a seal that is not working properly. For the machine to pick up the water that it puts out, it does have to have a good seal on the tank, and it also needs to have an empty tank. Empty out the tank and check your seals to see if that helps.

You may also be dealing with a machine that has a clogged hose. With a carpet cleaner, you need to first vacuum, if you do not, the carpet cleaner is likely to pick up whatever was on the carpet and may end up clogging the hose.

Carpet Cleaning Machine Repair

If you are still having issues with your carpet cleaner and none of the things we discussed help, you may need to contact a repair company about your machine. If you take the time to troubleshoot and are still having trouble with your machine, a professional opinion is going to be a great way to see what problems might be present and to figure out if your carpet cleaner can be fixed or not.